Cookie Policy

From the 29th of May 2012 a new Cookie Regulation will be enforced that website owners must clearly identify what cookies are in use and their purpose.

Below is a list of cookies that we use which enable our site to operate and to understand how to serve our customers better.

Should you wish to opt out of these cookies please follow the instructions below for your browser.

Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Click the tools menu, then Internet Options

Click on the privacy tab

Select the appropriate setting

Mozilla firefox:

Choose the tools menu then Options

Click on privacy icon

In history change the firefox will to use custom settings and then select the appropriate cookie option.


Click the spanner and then settings

Click under the bonnet and then content settings

Select the appropriate setting

What happens if I disable cookies?

This depends on the settings you chose, but the site may not operate correctly and it will be unlikely you will be able to check out.

Cookies Used

Cookie Description
Cookie Notice (cookieNotice) This notes that you have been warned about cookies.
Account (r) This allows you to login and apply for jobs.
Login Redirect (loginRedirect) So we know where to redirect after a login.
Google Analytics (_ga,_gid) Usage stats for the website.
Custom Login Redirect (customLoginRedirect) For redirection after login.


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