Plumbase is Going Green!

Over the last few years, we have become increasingly aware of the damaging impact our lifestyles have on the environment. Be it through plastic waste, pollution from travelling, or carbon emissions from running our homes and businesses. We are all aware, and all can do more.

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At Plumbase, we are taking steps across the business to become greener, cleaner, and less wasteful. We have some goals. These goals have no end date. They are going forward, our new way of doing things. We need to remain conscious of our environmental impact, and responsibility to the planet.

Our Goals

What we want to achieve is simple. Hit the key areas that cause our environment distress, and cost us money. This includes plastic waste, water waste, carbon emissions and pollution.  Plus, making changes to our branches, head office and distribution warehouses. Ensuring they are better equipped for a green future.

Firstly, we want to reduce our landfill waste to 20%. We’ll achieve this by educating our staff on recycling and waste, with visits from our Environmental Advisor. Also reusing packaging where possible. All branches now have recycling bins – so far in 2019 we have reduced our landfill by 7.27% compared with 2018. So, these simple exercises are sending us in the right direction.

We now only purchase recycled paper and want to work with our suppliers to reduce the amount of packing used on products. With the overall target of using eco-friendly alternatives, like biodegradable shrink wrap and paper tape. 

Another goal is to reduce our carbon footprint by 3% each year, and to continue replacing our lighting with LEDs. Once the whole business is converted, we predict to save 930 tonnes of CO2 and £188,000 each year. Plus, we want to reduce the carbon emissions from our vehicles by 351 tonnes in 2019, with the eventual aim of replacing all vehicles with an electric alternative.

Our Goals

What we’ve achieved so far

Big Clean Switch

With lots to come, we mustn’t brush over what we have already achieved and reduced in 2019. We have not only made positive environmental changes, but significant financial savings too. 

We have teamed up with The Big Clean Switch to assist our customers and employees live greener lifestyles. 

All energy is provided from a renewable source and is generally cheaper than other energy providers. 

Plus, when a Plumbase customer makes the switch, we will donate £5 to The Band of Builders. They are a charity organisation who come together and make life changing home renovations for people in need.

Changing to a ‘green energy’ provider so all electricity is renewable or from a sustainable source, reminders, and smart meter data updates have also helped. We aim to keep these savings up year on year. Just by educating our staff on setting boiler timers, we can save as much as 5.8 tonnes of CO2 and £2,400 per branch, per year in gas.

We have also made a start at tackling the pollution we produce through travel. We have invested in 25 new vans which produce 288g less CO2 per km than the Euro 6 standard requires. Our target is to reduce our carbon emissions from vehicles by 351 tonnes in 2019. We have also installed black boxes in company cars to encourage fuel-efficient driving. Plumbase have also eliminated plastic bags from the business! We are now plastic bag free and have replaced them with paper ones. We are also looking to run an incentive with customers to reuse their bags. This change will save us £11,000 annually. 


Looking Forward

Environment and Quality Advisor

Simple but effective changes make big impacts. For example, by installing a cistermiser on urinals automatically flush every 15 minutes, we are saving water. Regularly checking the water meter can also alert a branch if there is a leak somewhere. Also, removing coffee machines that continually boil water has saved us an excess of energy and water.

It’s imperative to have targets in place. However, we have already met the planets deadline for environmental and ethical changes. Climate change and plastic pollution isn’t going away unless we all play a part and do our bit. We are ISO 14001 accredited and are externally audited to ensure that we meet the required standards. 

We must continue to adapt our business to be more mindful, and less wasteful. Plumbase endeavours to be an environmental leader within the industry, and hopes others will join the cause.

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